Labor Day at The Toronto Film Festival


I’m in a chartreuse Jay Godfrey dress with Jean-Michal Cazabat shoes. James is in a Zegna suit, gallant & beau socks and Aldo shoes.


Cast photo for Labor Day: Jason Reitman, Kate Winslet, Gattlin Griffith, Josh Brolin and James Van Der Beek.

James and I headed to the Toronto Film Festival this weekend to watch his movie Labor Day.  We were sans kids (so very bitter sweet) which allowed me to catch up on some sleep, glam up (so much fun!!) and be present for Saturday nights festivities.  We took over the Yahoo Movies Instagram.  You can see our photos from the entire day (including James steaming my dress and my red sore feet at the end of the night- very glamorous) here.

The movie will be out Christmas Day.  Cannot wait for you all to watch this beautiful, touching love story.

Travel Snacks


There’s nothing like feeling good and energized when you arrive to your destination.  However, on long car rides, trains, flights, and even at work, digestible food is hard to come by.  The best bet is to pack yourself a goodie bag of wholesome, energizing fresh foods that you love.  I like to pack organic fruits, homemade granola, seasoned nuts, gluten free muffins and seaweed snacks when I travel (my kids love all these things as well).  The fruits keep me refreshed and energized (to the best of my ability this pregnancy!), and the protein keeps me feeling full and stabilizes my blood sugars (I get dizzy easily if I don’t pay close attention to this).

En route to the Toronto Film Festival yesterday I packed spiced almonds (made by a lovely friend), fresh fruit and Sea Tangle Crisps with almonds.