Flood Reflection from Colorado Resident Robyn O’Brien

130913085212-lyon-colorado-flood-restricted-horizontal-galleryMy friend, Robyn O’Brien, who lives in Boulder Colorado raises some thought provoking questions when she shares her reflection on the impact the flood has had on her family and friends.  A beautiful piece.  You can read it here.

I must admit, I had not watched the news on this once, as it’s very difficult to see yet another catastrophe.  After reading Robyn’s blog, I finally brought myself to witness what’s been going on through these 20 photos CNN posted.  Let’s all pray, send healing thoughts, love, whatever it is that you do, to all those affected.  And as Robyn suggests, perhaps we should question, “Can we be smarter about this?”

Worm Composting Week 2: Ants


We are in our second week with the worm composting bin. Naturally, the soil and food supply attracted some ants. While they do no harm to the bin, they are a nuisance, so I got rid of them.

Here are a few easy tricks.

  1. Wipe the bin and surrounding area with water and lemon juice or lemon oil. This will get rid of the ants and their scent trail.
  2. If the composting bin has legs, stick it in a tray of soapy water. I added lemon oil to mine because the ants dislike it.
  3. Ants like exposed food so stir the compost. I enlisted Joshua to help with this one. I also added some ground up leaves and a little extra dirt to help the process along.
  4. Make sure the soil is a little damp. It’s nice to have a spray bottle with water designated for the compost bin. Ants like a dry environment and the compost needs a little moisture to thrive anyhow.

Additionally, the CA temperatures have exceeded the ideal range for worms (which is 40-80 degrees F.) I have been keeping the bin shaded with a box. It seems to have helped and the worms are thriving.

I’d love to hear about your suggestions and experiences!