A Treat on the Table


It’s always lovely having a nutritious treat on the table, and this Strawberry Almond Meal Cake is extra special.  It has a nice earthy flavor with a heavenly whipped topping and strawberries.  I got the recipe from The Sprouted Kitchen cookbook by Sara Forte.  I HIGHLY recommend this cookbook and am sure to reference it many times.  Also, if you’re a parent, don’t be afraid of getting the kids into the kitchen with you.  Both Joshua and Olivia love putting measured portions into the bowl and stirring it a few times.

Here are a few adjustments I made/tips for this recipe:


This cake calls for both baking soda and baking powder.  Since I did not have baking powder I used a tiny bit more baking soda (baking soda equals 1/3 of what baking powder typically equals, or you can use 3x the amount of baking powder then baking soda calls for).  Use a little less salt in a recipe that you have to substitute baking soda for baking powder in, because the baking soda has a salty flavor.


This recipe also calls for almond flour.  I like to make my own by grinding almonds into a food processor until smooth.  This usually takes just a minute or two.  If you process too long it will start to turn into almond butter.

This recipe also calls for a minor amount of flour.  I used Williams Sonoma Cup4Cup Gluten-Free Flour.  I have this readily available for spontaneous baking desires.


For the cake (not whipped topping), I substitute  the sugar in this recipe with coconut palm sugar.  This is coconut tree sap that has been crystalized.  It has potassium, iron and other vitamins with an earthy, sweet flavor.  I use it all the time and highly recommend that you keep this stocked in your pantry.


If you are dairy free you can make a coconut whipped topping.  It’s not as thick as the heavy whipping cream version, but it is delicious.  To make, refrigerate a can of full fat coconut milk overnight, scoop out the thick creamy part that rises to the top * and whip it with a little vanilla extract and stevia or sugar.  For both the dairy and coconut topping, I suggest you make more than you think you will need.  My guests and I all wanted an extra dollop when served.

*reserve the coconut water in the bottom of the can for smoothies, curries, etc.

I hope you love it!!

If you come up with an egg free version or add a new flavor that turns out well, I’d love to hear about it!