Pregnancy Cravings Talk + Belly Bump Dressing at the GQ Men of the Year Party


Me and James at the GQ Men of the Year Party

James and I got out for a date at the GQ Men of the Year Party. And what do you talk about at such a party? Pregnancy cravings, of course. People documented my silly speak of needing non-gelatin gummy bears from the UK at 4 A.M. one morning. I’ve since found out that I have options for such a product here in the country (yay! but not helpful for the early morning NEED).  What have been/are your pregnancy cravings?

And why no gelatin you may ask? Gelatin is created by boiling skin tendons, ligaments and/or bones and usually comes from cows or pigs. I’m not really into that. I prefer to use a seaweed derived product, agar agar, (available online and at natural foods stores) for my gelatin needs. Just to confuse you, this product is occasionally marked as gelatin in the ingredients, although companies will usually proudly list it as agar agar.


Me, James, Jesse Tyler, Weird Al Yankovic, Suzzane Yankovic and Justin Mikita

As for the fun stuff, it’s always nice to have a reason to get dressed up. That said, it’s getting more and more difficult to dress the bump in a flattering fashion.  Last night was all about being creative. I’ve had this gorgeous robe from Agent Provocateur for a few years now that we had a seamstress line and sew up to create my gown for the night.  I paired it with Aldo shoes and a Jimmy Choo clutch. James was in a Todd Snyder wool plaid suit, Tommy Hilfiger shoes and his favorite, Gallant & Beau socks.  Unfortunately, I was ready to fall asleep at the dinner table half way through my meal.  Hot date I am these days.

Tell us about your cravings and give up those baby bump dressing tips below!


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  1. Cravings? I was totally obsessed with cheese and chocolate, which were pretty easy to find here in Switzerland!… At all times! I felt I needed fruit as well, I ate loads!
    Being elegant while pregnant: I think all pregnant women look wonderful (you do!!!). In my opinion, any dress makes you look great, as long as you accessorize it properly: gorgeous shoes -as long as your feet are fine with this…- or beautiful jewels.
    Enjoy these magical moments, Kimberly, and take care!

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