The End of Paper Towels?

20131021-161831.jpgThree months ago, before getting on the Zero Waste bandwagon, I had an epiphany about the mindless amounts of money we were spending on paper towels in our household, and the ridiculous amount we were putting into our landfills.  Cleaning up spills, holding an apple, wiping off hands, cleaning the countertops, we used them for everything.  It was time for a change.

Instead of the usual mega order of paper towels from Amazon, I ordered microfiber towels instead.    I thought the best part would be that my order of 36 microfiber clothes was $10 LESS then my usual ongoing order of 15 paper towel rolls.

The results: microfiber towels have been much more effective at cleaning up countertops and spills.  They pick up every bit of dust, and have easily done the job of paper towels better then, well paper towels.  I’ve been tossing them in the wash whenever I do our other towels and haven’t had any issues on running low.  And, after putting up a big fight about my “extreme” ways, it was only two weeks before James looked at me and said, “You know what I don’t miss?  Paper towels.”  Success!


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  1. I did this years ago when I had my daughter’s daycare in my home. It was one of the requirements this state (OH) had about hand washing. (non re-usuable drying; couldn’t have the standard one towel to use to dry hands) At first I was resistant, I was set in my ways, and I believed this to be a “hassle”. But now looking back, I do not know how I did it before using my “wash cloths” to dry my hands. I used them only for after washing my hands, but steadily begun converting my other “stained or abused” towels into my everyday cleaning use towels.

  2. I’m working on phasing paper towels out too!!! We still use them on the occasional doggy accident, but I’ve been way into using cloths for cleaning my kitchen, drying our hands, dusting… You name it! I’m investing in microfiber this minute!!!

  3. after reading zero waste home, i also ordered micro fiber towels. after several months it is awesome. and you are so right about the micro fiber cloths being great. i especially love how they clean and shine glass and stainless surfaces. i still have a roll of paper towels in kitchen for grandkids or certain really dirty spills but i can stretch a roll out many weeks. i love to buy only 1 roll (when needed) not a pack of 8!!!!! i love it!!!

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  5. Quite by accident this became a thing at my house…I turned all of our old gerber baby burp clothes (the prefold diaper kind) into hand towels/cleaning rags. They work wonderfully and are super absorbent and easy to clean!

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