Are Agrochemicals Affecting Our Health?

We are seeing more and more articles like THIS ONE regarding our food supply.  How does this article make you feel?

Do you believe that our food is linked to our health?

How do you feel about Monsanto?

What are your thoughts on food transparency and labeling?

Let’s discuss.





4 responses

  1. Ughh, that was horrifying! I kept reading it hoping Erin Brockovich was about to show up and save the day, then I realize we all need to be that and stand up and raise our fists and say “It’s not okay” babies should not be dying of kidney failure and kids should be able to play outside without getting sick!! I absolutely believe food is linked to our health, you can’t be healthy and be eating this petri dish cocktail of chemicals and it’s disgusting that our culture and our country is allowing this in our own borders and it’s all in the name of “science” we aren’t lab rats we are human beings who have the right to know where our money is going, what we are feeding our families and what is in our food and it needs to be labeled. This got me all fired up!!

  2. EXACTLY, they have no clue what the long term effects are on this, we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg I believe. I try not to fear about the world my 3 little kids will live in but it scares me sometimes, that’s why it starts at home to train them while they are young to live a more natural sustainable life and hopefully by the time they are adults enough people have rallied against this. That’s my dream at least 🙂

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