The New Chipotle Ad is INCREDIBLE!

Whether you’re ordering the veggie burrito or steak, I think most of you will agree that over the years factory farming has become an incredibly cruel process that is both tragic for animals and our health.  Chipotle’s new, beautifully done ad cleverly depicts the manipulation of our current food labeling system.  “Natural” means nothing and the FDA continues to get heat for the lack of regulation.

To tout Chipotle a little further, a few months ago they announced plans to banish GMO foods from their restaurants, keeping with their mission statement of “food with integrity.”


5 responses

  1. Brilliant marketing strategy and short film – it’s sure to win a Clio. It’s wonderful they embraced a more conscious and ethical approach to food like Sharky’s. Hopefully the others will follow suit!

  2. I am really happy that you are continuing to publish articles which focus on a gentler and kinder approach to life, especially much needed information about animal welfare.

    In the UK there are many who are taken in by the “Red Tractor” logo, which means nothing much like the the “natural” label, as you highlighted.

    It is worth researching any product especially food but if people cannot be bothered then it is wonderful that you are making it easier to be informed. We support CIWF- Compassion in World Farming – which is also good source of reputable information about animal welfare and GMO .

    WELL DONE. Please continue your good work, for all our sakes.

  3. First of all, that is very haunting music! But I have spent the summer enjoying farmer’s markets, our CSA share from a farm only about a mile or two away, local raw milk and meat. I have also been freezing (usually I “can” but we are selling our home and can’t do a big messy canning project while we show it) alot of produce and meat for the winter. I have been to the conventional grocery store maybe twice in the last four or five months? It’s been awesome! We are excited to move into our next home where we plan to have a huge garden, some fruit trees, chickens, and eventually bees. That will be my family’s contribution to avoid the barren world depicted in that video! I think we all consume, we need to start producing too, even on an individual basis.

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