The Healing Benefits of Palo Santo


My girlfriend, Lacey Mackey of Natureal Mom, discovered the healing and spiritual purpose of Palo Santo on a recent stay in Ojai.  The sweet woodsy aroma alone was enough to lure me into purchasing some sticks to burn myself (you can get them here).  They’re also known to cure a hangover and ward off mosquitos.  Perhaps the perfect way to recalibrate for fall, you can read about all the beautiful benefits here.


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  1. Hi Kim,

    My name is Joanna Grittner and I am from West Palm Beach, FL. Thanks for your posts about healthy eating. I am also into the old school ways of eating and love everything natural. I’m also into fitness. I would love keep in touch with you about food, home and believes. I am 32 years old, Pastor’s wife and no kids yet (hope they will come along the way 🙂 I speak to young adult girls and women about life and journeys in life. Great Job and keep it up. blessings to you and yours! xoxox

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