We’re Expecting!


James and I are happy to report that we are expecting our third child this winter!

My energy is slowly creeping back in.  There was actually a day this week where I decided to wake up and embrace an early morning before my kids did, instead of dragging my feet into the kitchen to fetch bananas and water while holding one on each hip.

Note to significant others of a pregnant woman:

  • Don’t take it personally
  • Learn to read minds
  • The occasional nap is a not an indulgence, it’s a necessity (we are doubling our blood and building a human!)
  • These Pregnancy Nausea Tips are a G-d send

Nesting mode is starting to kick in.  I’ve been getting rid of clutter, reconfiguring rooms, reorganizing EVERYTHING etc… my mind doesn’t stop.  I’m looking into meditation for that.

All of the craziness, exhaustion and moodiness aside, James and I are beyond elated and feeling so incredibly blessed. Olivia and Joshua are in on the news and seem to be excited about a baby coming into the family.  And James, thank you for being the loving, caring and understanding husband and father that you are.

Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you! And thank you for letting me share a bit of my journey.


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    • At one point in my life I felt this way as well. My philosophy is now more centered around little shifts that can make a big impact and enhance one’s quality of life. I do what I can where I can in a way that still brings harmony to my family and the people around me. After my former job as a strategic advisor with a world leader, I have learned that one of the most pressing concerns in 50 years will actually be the decrease in population and how it can hinder the older generations. That’s an entirely different topic.

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